Content Writer is an online platform for freelancers. Examples of distributed work is writing, translation and professional proofreading. Our end clients usually orders many short articles based on various topics.

Getting started, registration

Once you have registered an account you will be asked what languages you are proficient with and then to write a short work sample. When your work sample has been accepted you will receive an email telling you there is work available.

Accepting tasks

Upon login you will be able to see available tasks, choose and pick the ones you are interested in. There is no requirement on how many tasks you do. The only thing we expect from our users is that they follow the instructions specified with each task and respect the given deadlines.

Accepting tasks

Your payment is done via PayPal. We also support bank transfers for European residents.

Note for Swedish residents

Employer and local taxes are deducted from the amounts above. Non-Swedish residents are responsible for paying their own taxes.