Basic SEO Content Writer is an online platform for freelancers that wants to earn money for doing tasks for our customers such as writing. We have some customers that needs many short articles written on various topics (mostly SEO texts).

After you have created an account here you will be able to write a work sample, once the work sample is submitted you will be contacted by email when we have available work for you. After that you can see all the available work and also submit your texts directly on the website. It's up to you how much you want to work each week. You enter your PayPal there as well to receive payments. For european recidents we also support bank transfers.


Language Earning / 100 words Earning / hour (1000 words / hour)
Swedish €1.70 €17.00
English €1.20 €12.00
Finnish €1.80 €18.00
Norwegian €2.00 €20.00
German €1.80 €18.00
Spanish €1.60 €16.00
Dutch €2.00 €20.00

Note, for Swedish recidents we will deduct employer taxes and local taxes from the amounts above. All other recidents are responsible for paying their own taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mainly our customers order 300-500 word SEO texts. Often a specific subject is given and then you should write around that subject but also make sure that links are inserted in a natural way. For example you could be given a task to write 300 words about "The subway system in London" and also include a link to a mortgage loan website. Then you should write generally about the subway system and you could also write that subway stations affect the house prices and then write a sentence about mortgages and include the link.

A common task is to write several (9-12) articles on the same topic, they will be published as a complete website.

We need a lot of languages! The languages we need the most are: Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, German and English. For the complete list of languages click here.